Pope John XXIII Multi Academy Company Prayer

God our Father, your servant, Pope John XXIII,
when first he became a Bishop, took as his motto: Obedience and Peace
Obedience meaning to ‘listen together’.

Pope John always tried to listen to what God was asking of him
and his prayer was,
‘May my feet be swift to spread peace and the good things of God’
This is our prayer today.

Lord, bless our children and young people of the Pope John XXIII Multi Academy.
Be with us all on our faith journey and, in our teaching and learning,
help us to listen to what God is asking of us and, in all that we do,
may we be eager to spread peace and the good things of God.

We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Saint John XXIII pray for us.


We expect children to learn the following prayers throughout the school:

Foundation Stage

Sign of the Cross
Our Father
Hail Mary
Grace before meals
Grace after meals
Morning Prayer
Prayer at the end of the day

Year 1

Glory Be
Prayer to the Guardian

Year 2

Eternal Rest

Year 3

Act of Sorrow
The Confiteor
The Angelus

Year 4

The Memorare
The Rosary
The Stations of the Cross

Year 5

The Magnificat
Nunc Dimittis
The Benedictus

Year 6

Prayer to the Holy Spirit
Apostles Creed