We have KS2 prayer leaders to help children and staff across the school with their prayers and collective worship. The children completed an application form and explained why they wanted to be a prayer leader. Our prayer leader wear a special lanyard so that they can be identified by pupils, school staff and visitors.

We were extremely impressed by their amazing and thoughtful answers:

Why would you like to be a prayer leader?

“I would like to help others to grow a relationship with God.”

“I love God and I want this job because I like to pray to God.”

“I would like to help those younger than me to understand the morals of the parables of Jesus and the meanings of the phrases he said.”

How can you help other children to grow closer to God?

“I would like to guide children into God and Jesus’ path.”

“By telling them the wonderful things that God has done for us.”

“teaching them how to be faithful and listen to God’s call or teach them different stories from the Bible”

What do you enjoy about collective worship?

“I enjoy collective worship because it is quiet, peaceful and prayerful experience with the Lord to relax, pray and just have a second to see God in our minds and hearts.”

“I enjoy collective worship because I can gather my thoughts.”


Meet our prayer leaders:

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