Collective worship and prayer are important aspects of the Catholic life of our school. It is woven throughout the school day following the Liturgical Life of the Church. At Corpus Christi we enable the children to develop their relationship with God through a wide variety of prayer opportunities, which take place in a range of settings.

Collective Worship provides children with the opportunity to:

  • Learn to pray by giving praise, thanks, and intercession to God, using both the traditional prayers of the Catholic Church and many other sources of prayer.
  • Come to know and acknowledge the presence of God who is revealed to us as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • Continue to nurture a relationship with God through words, symbols, song, gestures, and silence.
  • Gain knowledge by taking part in an educational experience that is rooted in prayer and the worship of God.
  • Contemplate the mystery and transcendence of God who is ever close to us and ever beyond us.
  • Develop a sense of wonder and awe at the presence of God amongst us and the gift of life itself.
  • Explore the beliefs of the Catholic faith community and their own beliefs.
  • Experience what it means to belong to, or take part in, the worshipping community of the Church.
  • Acknowledge joys and sorrows, the ordinary and darker side of life as part of a relationship with God.
  • Learn how the Liturgy of the Church is structured and the meaning of the different parts of the liturgical rites.
  • Be able to make links between communal prayer, Liturgy, and daily life.
  • Gain the confidence to support others with their prayer life.
  • Develop the skills required to independently plan and prepare liturgies and take a lead role in the collective worship in the school.”


Collective Worship Policy

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