Corpus Christi COVID-19 Curriculum Recovery Plan

At Corpus Christi our pupil’s well-being is at the centre of all we do.  We acknowledge that the children will have had different experiences during this time, we have been working hard on our Recovery curriculum ready to welcome back all pupils in September.

Our Recovery curriculum acknowledges that there have been big loses to children during this difficult time. We acknowledge that every child in our school has had a different experience during this time and as a school we have prioritised the importance of investing and restoring relationships and providing space for pupils to rebuild their learning voice.

We shall focus on ensuring that the pupils are ready to learn and social and emotional learning will be prioritised. “The anxious child is not a learning child.”(Evidence for learning)

We are aware that pupils will feel anxious about the lost learning time and we hope that by being transparent about how we are addressing these gaps we will help to ‘rebuild their confidence as learners through metacognition’.

In a recent think piece-loss and life for our children and schools, Barry Carpenter has suggested that the Recovery Curriculum should include five key levers. This includes taking time to understand the needs of the community and engaging pupils in the transitioning of learning back in a school environment.

This is summarised from the work of Barry Carpenter, taken from his Recovery Curriculum model:

Lever 1: Relationships – we can’t expect our students to return joyfully, and many of the relationships that were thriving, may need to be invested in and restored. We need to plan for this to happen, not assume that it will. Reach out to greet them, use the relationships we build to cushion the discomfort of returning.

Lever 2: Community – we must recognise that curriculum will have been based in the community for a long period of time. We need to listen to what has happened in this time, understand the needs of our community and engage them in the transitioning of learning back into school.

Lever 3: Transparent Curriculum – all of our students will feel like they have lost time in learning and we must show them how we are addressing these gaps, consulting and co-constructing with our students to heal this sense of loss.

Lever 4: Metacognition – in different environments, students will have been learning in different ways. It is vital that we make the skills for learning in a school environment explicit to our students to reskill and rebuild their confidence as learners.

Lever 5: Space – to be, to rediscover self, and to find their voice on learning in this issue. It is only natural that we all work at an incredible pace to make sure this group of learners are not disadvantaged against their peers, providing opportunity and exploration alongside the intensity of our expectations.

At Corpus Christi our Recovery Curriculum will be a graduated response, firstly a holistic whole school recovery, then to a more focused needs led targeted approach to a longer term focused on personalised specific support.