Year 1 – On our trip to Weston Park we were scientists and made our own medicine using plants from the garden.

Year 4, we made our own volcanic eruptions using baking soda, vinegar and washing up liquid as the main ingredients. – We did this by mixing the acid (vinegar) and the alkali (bicarbonate of soda) and releasing bubbles of carbon dioxide (CO2). The washing up liquid trapped those bubbles so it flowed over the ‘volcano’ like real lava!

We also compared our fingerprints with each other and saw if we could identify any patterns.

In Year 6 we looked at the scientist Charles Darwin. We found out many interesting theories around evolution.

We explored the different phases of the moon and we created a moon dial to track and identify the various phases.

We also experimented with skewers and balloons that if you poke a skewer through the darker part of a balloon it does not pop! Why do you think this is?

In Year 5 we made bridges out of paper and discussed what we could do to make them as strong as possible. We then tested how much weight our bridges could hold.

We also made lava! We discussed why the oil sat on top of the water and why adding the salt made the mixture look like lava.