We are an Eco School

This academic year Corpus Christi received international accreditation for their exceptional work in promoting sustainability and raising environmental awareness amongst their peers. Pupils used Eco-Schools’ tried-and-trusted seven-step framework to create positive change. Initially, a pupil-led Eco-Committee was established. This committee took responsibility for spearheading their school’s environmental initiatives, with support from Mrs Battrick. They first conducted a thorough review of their school environment and curriculum, before developing a year-long plan of action. Our Action Plan was thoughtfully selected to increase environmental awareness, bolster our school’s sustainability, and make meaningful contributions to global conservation efforts.

Eco Warriors

At Corpus Christi each year group votes for 2 pupils to become Eco Warriors. Being an Eco Warrior is about having an active role in school.They raise our awareness about sustainability and encourage everyone to be good at recycling and saving energy. We encourage good habits in order to do our bit to preserve the environment for the future. Our Eco Warriors meet once a week.

This year our eco warriors are: