At Corpus Christi we value Design and Technology as an important part of our children’s entitlement to a broad and balanced curriculum. We provide varied learning opportunities which aim to develop not only children’s technical skill in Design and Technology, but also to develop their wider knowledge of product design and their ability to apply vocabulary accurately.  Our Design and Technology curriculum covers the skills outlined in the national curriculum through broad, challenging and inspiring units of work. The required coverage of the national curriculum is then broken down into long term plans, which is further divided into medium term plans by teachers. A structured approach to learning skills, knowledge and vocabulary, enables pupils to ‘build upon’ their previous learning and show clear skills progression. As pupils progress, we encourage critical thinking and discussion, and a deeper understanding of Design and Technology. This equips them with the knowledge and skills to experiment and create their own designs and pieces of work and for them to appreciate the necessity of these skills and knowledge as an important part of everyday lives and career choices.  
Our school drivers underpin our Design and Technology curriculum.
  • Communication: To communicate my own original and creative ideas, thoughts and  subject knowledge with my teachers and peers, through talking, and sharing my designs and finished products.
  • Opportunities: To appreciate that Design and Technology skills and knowledge provide endless opportunities to enhance my life through enabling me to learn life long skills and for future career possibilities.
  • Responsibility: To take responsibility for my own learning and when given the opportunity to experience tools and materials, to work sensibly and with care.
  • Perseverance: tokeep trying’ to ensure that I have fully explored all the options for creating my finished product and that it is the best work that I can do!
  • Understanding: To understand all aspects of Design and Technology and all that it has to offer.
  • Service: To use the skills and knowledge that I learn, to not only benefit my own life and future prospects, but to support my family and local community wherever my skills may be needed.



Within each key stage children use their own experiences and research to develop their ideas, knowledge and understanding.  To ensure our learning is true to Design and Technology, we follow a simple definition: ‘Designing and making Something for Somebody for Some purpose’. ( We put emphasis on our children becoming confident at using the language of Design and Technology and provide lots of opportunity to carry out reflective practice, including time to evaluate and analyse their own and each other’s work. At the end of each key stage, pupils know how to use and apply research alongside their own ideas, and have an embedded  range of skills and knowledge.



Each child bestows the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create their own individual pieces of work, although we place as much importance on the process, as the end result. Across the school all children are excited to embark on new Design and Technology projects and look forward to a weekly hour of discrete teaching within the timetable on this subject. Our children know how Design and Technology both reflects and shapes our history, and contributes to the cultural capital of our nation. They also appreciate that we need to keep  ‘moving with the times’ to keep up with all the wonderful opportunities that are available to us, and through research, experimentation and opportunities, we can be part of these exciting opportunities.
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Long Term Plans and Skills Progression

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