The 2014 National Curriculum for Physical Education aims to ensure that all children:

  • develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities
  • are physically active for sustained periods of time
  • engage in competitive sports and activities
  • lead healthy, active lives

At Corpus Christi, we want to develop our children’s understanding of Physical Education by allowing opportunities through many practical activities, including competitions. It is our intent at Corpus to provide a curriculum which caters for the needs of all individuals, which incorporates sustained levels of challenge, through a wide range of high quality activities.

We will develop many life-skills and qualities in the process. A high-quality Physical Education makes an essential contribution to the health and well-being of the children and the community. It is our intent to create a sense of success and pride within sport, and ensure our children enjoy and want to participate in sports inside and outside Corpus.

They will acquire a broad range of subject knowledge and draw on disciplines such as team-work, respect, peservance, positivity and fairness.


Pupils in each year group at Corpus Christi will participate in two physical education lessons each week, including weekly swimming lessons for Year 4 pupils. Lessons are taught by class teachers along with sports specialists. Using sports specialists provides support to our class teachers and gives opportunities for them to develop their subject knowledge in Physical Education. Their improved skills set allows us to deliver high quality Physical Education lessons to all individuals.

Our Physical Education curriculum is clearly mapped to meet all national curriculum objectives for each year group and teaching is supported using materials from the GetSet4PE scheme of work. This scheme of work aims to ensure the children develop a step-by-step process to develop their knowledge and understanding of a range of sports, including their physical fitness, physical ability (in a particular sport), mental health, leadership, perseverance and communication with others.

The children will acquire the fundamental movement skills before moving onto games and performing sports in a competitive, team-inspired way. This will enable the children to take a structured approach to competing competitively and suitably in a range of team sports and games.

In our Physical Education lessons, children are able to:

  • Have an opportunity to participate in Physical Education which specifically caters for the individual’s level of development and need.
  • Secure their knowledge and understanding and further develop their abilities using a range of skills in a variety of sports.
  • Experience success and pride in sport, both within a team and as an individual.
  • Communicate effectively, developing good sportsmanship and other sporting values.
  • Understand and follow basic rules as well as create their own rules when required.
  • Experience positive competition.
  • Learn in a safe environment.
  • Develop a foundation for lifelong physical engagement, which leaves our primary school pupils leaving us as a physically active person.


Physical Education lessons, Physical Activity and School Sport opportunities at Corpus are centred around providing opportunities to our pupils which they may not be able to access outside of school. Sports are specifically included to promote excitement and engagement in a range of sports. Corpus are also focused on reducing the obesity levels of pupils leaving our school in Year 6.

The impact of our PE curriculum also links closely to our curriculum drivers of Communicate, Opportunity, Resilience, Pride, Understanding Me and Stewardship.

Communication – children will develop their sporting vocabulary as they progress through the year groups and build upon previous knowledge whilst participating in a variety of sports. Children will learn how to communicate effectively using positive vocabulary and constructive criticisms when coaching and officiating. In our PE lessons, all children have opportunities to build character and communication skills. All lessons provided opportunities for children to listen to peers, lead others and develop their own games including scoring systems, these skills developed in PE are important life skills that children will need in adult life. Our Catholic Virtues, British Values and important core sporting values such as fairness and respect are also embedded in our PE lessons.

Communication – The children at Corpus Christi will develop confidence to listen and speak fluently and eloquently in a variety of sporting situations. They will broaden their sporting vocabulary and use the appropriate vocabulary in a range of different contexts, including on the playground and in competitive environments. The children will be able to demonstrate positive verbal and non-verbal communication with their peers and other adults. They will listen to others’ viewpoints and feedback and work collaboratively to enhance their performances. Children will use their voices and their listening skills to participate in warm-ups, warm-downs and coach others effectively. In outdoor adventure lessons, children will use verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Playground Leaders will be selected to communicate with younger children at play times and lunch times.

Opportunity They will be prepared to try new sports  and embrace new challenges. Through encountering new experiences and sports, they can aspire to new things, grow as independent individuals and be able to discern good career choices. Children will be inspired to join clubs in and out of school. Children will aspire to take part in high-level, high-competitive sport against their peers and other schools. Children will aspire to be as good as real-life athletes, in which they will see and hear about these through videos, news programmes and posters. Future career options will be thought about, including alternatives to playing, such as umpiring, refereeing and coaching. Talent and award-winners will be displayed on the PE noticeboard. During celebration assemblies, children are encouraged to showcase their medals and certificates to promote their sport and talent.

Responsibility- All children will participate in a healthy related fitness unit of work, where fitness levels will be recorded, and interventions put in place for the least active individuals.
During lessons, the benefits of physical activities will be promoted and discussed, and ways to incorporate activities in daily lives will be discussed. Children will learn about their own minds and bodies as they participate in physical education. Children will understand the importance of exercise on living a healthy lifestyle, and know the positive impacts it can offer. Children will make intentional and wise decisions to stay fit and healthy, and know that being active and having a healthy diet contributes to a healthier body and healthy mindset, which will create happier, more focused individuals.

Perseverance – With increasing concerns around mental health and more awareness around the importance of mental wellbeing, building resilience through PE takes on even more significance. Children at Corpus Christi will learn how to deal with challenging situations and how to win and lose gracefully. They will learn that with hard work and perseverance, anything is possible, even learning  a brand new sport. Resilient children will develop confidence in their ability to recover and overcome hardships. Being willing and open to new experiences, opportunities, training, and techniques, but also being conscientious of who you are as an emerging athlete. Children will understand that a positive mind and a positive attitude will produce positive rewards, not just in sport, but in wider-society.

Understanding – The children at Corpus Christi will broaden their horizons and expand their knowledge of different sports and where they originate from. They will have opportunities to watch, learn about and discuss major sports stars and sporting events such as World Cups, Olympics and Wimbledon. Knowledge in Power. Children will be given opportunities to learn about safety in sport through the use of BikeAbility. Children will learn a range of life-skills, such as honesty, compassion, competitiveness and being able to communicate feedback. Children will have a broad knowledge of a range of sports and the skills needed to play or participate in them.

Service – The children at Corpus Christi will develop a sense of pride in themselves and the communities to which they belong. Children will take part in house competitions, developing their sense of community and teamwork. Corpus will have competitive teams that will visit other schools in the community. Local schools will be invited to Corpus to take part in sporting competitions. Topic Tuesdays may focus on sport in our community. They will show respect and tolerance for others and recognise the richness of our diverse community in sport. They will be attentive to the needs of others in their community and the wider world. The pupils will reflect on their own vocation and consider ways to be an active member of the community in order to generously enhance and change the lives of others.


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